This site is a resurrection of an epic website created a by a Kawasaki ZXR/ZX-7R enthusiast named Andy in about 2001. No one seems to know what has happened to Andy, and unfortunately halfway through 2016 his website disappeared. Luckily a dedicated person from a the Red Monkey ZX-7R Owners Club forum found the site in a web archive. Fortunately 97% of the site was still intact. This is where I stepped in and offered to rebuild Andy’s site. The Red Monkey crew stepped up to the plate and donated money to make it happen. Andy’s work can now live on and you the Kawasaki ZXR/ZX-7R fans can enjoy the incredible amount of information the original Web Author gathered and presented for your viewing pleasure!

Please note: There is a print friendly button at the top of each page which lets you either, print, save as a pdf, or email the article to a friend. This feature is extremely handy for the tech tips section – so you don’t get greasy hand prints all over your devices whilst working on your bikes in your ZXR/ZX-7R man caves!

Want to submit photos to the gallery? Find me (sugilite) at the Red Monkey ZX-7R Owners Club forum.

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They are very helpful as long as you fill in your profile – your favourite dish had better be roasted nuts if you fail to adhere to this one and only site rule!

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