About Andy – The Original Websites Author

About Andy – The Original Websites Author

My name is Andrew, I am 37, Italian and I have been living in the UK since 1992. I am happily married, have two lovely daughters and I work as a Software Developer (yes, I know…but I am at my first website attempt..I’ll do better next time….maybe).

Though my passion for motorbikes started when I was a teenager circumstances (and cash shortages) meant that I did not get my first bike until 1996. I started with a Kawasaki GPX600R. A nice little bike with good power and low weight. With fresh oil in the forks a new shock and some decent rubber it was fun and useful.
I did a fair amount of Advanced Motorcycle Training with IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) and the Blue Riband course with the BMF. This made me a better and faster rider and no doubt saved my skin in a number of occasions. To anyone doing track days for the first time I would definitely recommend to do a road based advanced motorcycling course. Thers is much to be learned that will be of benefit both on the road and on the track.

In ’99 I traded my GPX in for a bike I had always lusted after, a brand new ZX7R. This was a revelation. I fell in love with the bike. The confidence it inpired me with allowed me to push myself much further and my riding improved accordingly.
After doing about 12 track days I decided that I needed to get myself a track bike should the unthinkable happen (I couldn’t bear the thought of damaging my ZX7R). That’s when the ZXR750R came along. It has the same qualities that made me love the ZX7R, but it is a totally focused bike that lives for the track and utter utter fun on the limit.

About This Websites Author – Anthony AKA Sugilite

Anthony (aka sugilite on motorcycle forums) lives in New Zealand and rides a ZXR750H1. The motor has all the World Superbike kit, including the rare close ratio gearbox – ZOOM! Maybe one day he will get one of those new fang-dangled ZX-7R’s! 😉

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