91 ZX7R Flatslides

91 ZX7R Flatslides

First, Emp needles come stock in 91-92 7Rs. WAY to lean. Actually they put a EMP in 1/4 and a FMP in 2/3. This was what came stock in every country except America. We got a non adjustable version. Same in 6 clip position, non the less.

Kawasaki race kit calls for a 60????? slow fuel or pilot. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, way to rich. Don’t think I haven’t tried 55s???? If you like black plugs with soot all over them, go for it.

These Rs would almost idle on stock 42, so a 45 works fine.

ALL Sudcos carbs I ever seen comes with a 100 slow air, nothing new there. I JUST TAKE THEM OUT.

I did find that a increase in main jet was needed with velocity stacks, which is how SUDCO jets carbs, about a 150 in my case, but I run a air filter, hence the 138-142.


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