Accelerator pump-flatslides

Accelerator pump-flatslides

Q. Ken, I recently read some where about a guy with an R1 and 41mm keihin flatslides putting a second accelerator pump on the carbs. I don’t get it, there is obviously room to do so, but why would you? What would the benefit be and would it be enough to actually justify doing that? !!!!!How goes your turbo!!!!!

A. All the Kawasaki OEM Flatslide Carbs come with (TWO) accelerator pumps. The ones you buy from sudco come with just one. When jetted properly, the OEMs no longer need both, so the low stage pump on the left side of the bank should be disconnected by removing the screw from the linkage on top. This screw secures the linkage to the shaft, so by removing it, the shaft rotates but the linkage doesn’t compress the plunger.

Get this, In 1992, Mike Harth beat Scott Russel in the 50 mile 750 supersport race at Daytona. Scott while leading, ran out of Gas on the back straight, Harth running second then won. It was later determined that Harth’s 7R did not have a Aluminium fuel tank that Rs are supposed to have. He had replaced it with a steel tank. It was assumed that a steel tank holds more fuel(slightly) than the alloy tank because the steel is thinner than the alloy. But later Harth revealed to me that he saved fuel by disconnecting the low stage accelerator pump by removing the screw I described. When he went through Tech inspection and was asked about it, he simply stated that ” it must have vibrated loose and fell out”. In other words, I don’t think 2 accel. pumps are necessary. I only use the one on the right side of the carbs.

The turbo bike is ALL SET to ride. Have not ridden yet. It is off the dyno, sitting at the Garage door, all 100% put together and pointing toward reality.

What am I waiting on? THIS EVENING!!!

Ken H2Os

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