Airfilter for 93 ZXR

Airfilter for 93 ZXR

I would not waste my money on the K+N for the 93-95 either. The first model they came out with required you to disassemble the air box to install it, I have found no HP difference between the stock filter and the K+N in back to back dyno runs, on the 93-95 model.

I don’t want anybody to think I have it in for K+N, they are fine filters in some cases. I run one in my Chevy truck. Its just that even K+N admits they didn’t work on the 91-92 models and from my experience they do nothing HP wise for the 93-95.

I would just replace the stock filter with another stock filter once it gets dirty. Top end goes away quick on these bikes when the stock filter gets dirty.

In case someone was about to ask, I have not tried one in a 96-00 model if they even make it.

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