Cam Chain

Cam Chain

Q. Do you have any more knowledge what so ever concerning the cam chain problems of 91-92 models? Does it go loose or does it snap or what? Any information on this would be appreciated. I knew about the 2nd gear problem. I even have some problems with it with my own bike already.

A. The 91-92 had cam chain tensioners that were prone to breaking of the teeth that stopped the tensioner from retracting. Then big trouble. Saw this happen several times on race bikes. Kawaski updated this part on the 93 model which bolts right on to the 91-92 no problem. I have never heard of a cam chain breaking, but when the tensioner lets go, you will know it as the power goes to nothing as the cam(VALVE) timing goes out of whack. If a cam chain were going to break, I believe it would have happened in one of my 190+ nitrous motors. And to date has not. I wouldn’t worry about that. Kawasaki also updated the cylinder head on the 93 model due to soft valve seats on the 91-92 noticed under hard racing conditions. Now get this, if you order a 91-92 head with a 91-92 part # you will get a 93 head. Aint Kawasaki great. It even comes with the 91-92 part #, but if you compare you will notice the casting differences, that match the 93 head.

That’s really the only difference between the 93-95 motors and the 91-92 R motors. The tensioner and updated head. Both parts bolt right on to the 91-92.

I personally run a APE,, manual tensioner on my 14,000 RPM motors with no Problems.

Ken Waters

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