Clutch fluid leak

Clutch fluid leak

Q. I have a 93 zx-7 and my clutch fluid leaks. I wondering if anybody knows what it could be.

A. Usually this problem is caused when stock clutch springs are replaced with heavier duty aftermarket springs, this causes the pushrod (which is made of a soft metal) to flex or bow under the increased load. Then they don’t fit flush in the seals. I’ve seen these Pushrods come out of motors almost wore through at the points were they slide in the cases, and I wonder were all that metal goes?? I’ve checked Barnett springs against stock springs and they average almost 37 percent stronger on a spring tester. I run 1 stock and 1 Barnett ever other spring. This gives a stronger clutch but doesn’t overload your hand or push rod. I can tell you for a fact if you use aftermarket springs you will have big trouble, and to a lesser degree with the stock springs.

Ken H2Os

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