Clutch Problems 2

Clutch Problems 2

Q. does anyone know if the clutch hub nut is clockwise or anticlockwise. I have had a lot of pressure on and it wont budge.

A. Lefty Loosy, righty tighty.

The clutch hub nut loosens by turning it Counter Clockwise. I am work now, but I remember it being a 36 MM size socket (91-95 models)not sure on 96- up but it is probably the same?. I always use an Air Impact wrench. Also I have in the past found them to tight to remove with out “AIR” I once tried to get a 93 Suzuki GSX R 750 nut loose with Air and it wouldn’t budge.

I then hooked up my 500PSI Nitrogen shock fill regulator to my air wrench and progressively continued to turn the pressure up from 120 till the nut broke loose. Air wrenches are rated at 90 PSI Max, and most compressors will only output at around 120. It CERTAINLY is dangerous to do what I did, as the wrench it self could explode, but there has to be a certain margin of error built into it I would think. X4 on hoses I believe. I remember it took over 200 PSI of nitrogen to brake that nut loose.

Kawasaki makes a really cool tool for holding the clutch basket while loosening the nut, part # 57001-1243. This tool is much better than the one Motion Pro sells, as the jaws on their’s don’t quite open far enough. Kaws have big clutch baskets. I also recognize there are other cheaper ways to get around it as the Kaw tool is quite pricey, but I am a tool Nut also so I justify it that way.

Ken H2Os

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