Clutchless Upshifting

Clutchless Upshifting

I upshift without the clutch all the time! I believe done properly, its actually easier on the drive train. Get this! A few years back I put a Dale Walker speed shifter on my bike and was concerned if I could speed shift with the nitrous hammering the engine. I spoke to Dale and he said “NO PROBLEM, don’t worry be happy”! He was right! It worked OKAY.

MAN!!!!, the first time I upshifted from 4th to 5th with the nitrous on, with the throttle wide open, and not pulling in the clutch, scared me to death, but it worked. I HAVE NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS WITH MY TRANSMISSIONS, however there is a really good method of properly shimming them that I will try and post on soon. I will post the technique that I use and the part #s over the weekend if I can.

You are absolutely 100% correct about the clutch. AS soon as you start to pull the lever, it should start to disengage, and should full reengage as soon as the lever is all the way back out.

It just makes sense, if you have to pull in the lever a considerable amount “before” it starts to disengage, SOMETHING WOULD BE WRONG!

I also agree with eraticator’s statement that the trannies hold up to a lot of abuse.

I never use clutchless shifts or electric powershifts between first and second, because you are going through neutral, I don’t want to accidentally miss the shift. I always use the clutch from first to second, just to be safe.

All right all, HERE’S ANOTHER of my great Secrets.

Those of you who take your motors apart, remove from the transmission the “POSITIVE NUETRAL FINDER”. This will enable lightning shifts from 1st to second gear!

I hit upon this by accident, a couple of years back when I had a transmission on my work bench and I was trying to use valve lapping compound to true some gears, and reduce some internal friction. I couldn’t believe the difference in the shifts from 1-2 after removing this.

Ken H2Os

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