Fork Spacers

Fork Spacers

I have never had a set of 96-00 forks apart but the 91-95 goes like this. Take apart forks, remove inner metal spacer, replace with a piece of 1″ schedule 40 PVC spacer exactly 2 7/8″ inches long. Now your ride height adjusters will be true preload adjusters, they do however work backwards. Winding them in makes the fork softer and winding them out makes the fork harder. Now set sag to 1″ or 25mm with rider on board. A good way to do this is to take a come along hoist and attach it to some thing like a rafter or beam and use soft ties around triple clamps to attach. Then with zip ties around the tubes with the bikes wheel off the ground slide the ties all the way up an slowly lower the wheel to the ground and then sit on it in a normal crouch. Slowly get off and raise front wheel up off the ground again and measure the distance the ties move down from the wiper. This is your sag. 25mm and YOU ARE READY. The spacer lenght of 2 7/8″ will work great for most people as you now have a range of adjustment unlike before. This works because the PVC butts up against a different part of the fork cap that the metal spacer does not. THIS DOES WORK!!! Ken Waters

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