Front Brake Problems 2

Front Brake Problems 2

Q. I just purchased new EBC pro lite rotors and HH pads for my seven and have a strange problem with them. On BOTH sides the rotors and pad show wear only on the two outside thirds of the rotors. Its like their not biting against the entire rotor. The inside third of the rotor shows no wear at all. Any Ideas?? The bikes been mine since new and has never been wrecked or dropped and the front end doesn’t seem skewed or twisted or off camber, that is the calipers to the rotors!

A. THIS is a very common problem that most people have with their STOCK rotors and don’t even know it. With your EBCs, you have a caliper alignment problem. First check your old pads that you replaced with your stock rotors. You will probably notice that they are worn much greater at the top versus the problem. In other words this problem existed before you bought the EBCs, you just didn’t notice it with worn rotors, but it shows up real well with unworn rotors. First of all check to make sure reservoir isn’t overfilled causing pads not to be able to retract all of the way. You only need a small amount of fluid over the minimum level. Also EBCs come with shims to correct for side to side alignment, but yours sounds like a off camber problem. Most peoples rotors are doing this and they don’t even know it. Here’s something to try. VERY IMPORTANT!!!.. The axle should ALWAYS be tightened with BOTH fork pinch bolts loose. ALL 4 pinch bolts loose. But first you want to bounce up and down on it a few times while operating the brakes. Then tighten fork axle to 110 ft.lbs, with all four pinch bolts loose. Then tighten all 4 pinch bolts to 180 inch pounds. NOW I NOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE THINKING. On most ZX7s, one side of the axle requires a 22mm allen hex, that no one makes. So here’s how you get around that. Buy you a 12,thats twelve mm allen socket hex driver, from Snap-On of course, and a 22mm flanged hex nut which will slip perfectly over the 12mm allen and then take it and have it welded up. You now have the ultimate 22mm flanged hex driver. Now I know the next question, where do i get this nut? Kawasaki makes the perfect nut for this and its found on top of the rear shock ride height adjuster. I wish i had the part#, I will research that number and post it. This is a great addition to your tool box. The problem with your rotors is simply the forks are spread to wide at the bottom during tightening, and again if you check your old pads for wear at the top versus the bottom this will confirm this. Make that tool, tighten axle as described and you should be good to go. I would suggest all 7 owners with a 22mm axle, make that tool and tighten the front axle accordingly. It only makes sense to let the parts FLOAT, before tightening the pinch bolts on the bottom of the fork tubes. Also before doing any of the above, make sure to remove your fender also. Put this on very last thing. Its not hard to reach under to get to the four bolts. If you have any further problems, email me and I will try to help. I have fixed two sets of EBC rotors this way. NOW, off to research the part # for that FLANGED NUT!!!

Ken Waters

Found the part # for the nut. It is 92015-1015, this is listed as a 16mm nut, but that’s internal size, the actual outside size of the nut is 22mm. I highly suggest everyone make this tool and start tightening your front wheel this way. DO YOU THINK YOUR DEALER IS GETTING IT RIGHT?? I don’t!

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