Painting wheel rims

Painting wheel rims

I just repainted my wheels this weekend. 8 years later they were starting to look bad, so I purchased a sand blaster from Home Depot for 40 dollars to use with my air compressor and 1 bag of play sand later, I had some stripped to the bare aluminium rims. Make certain to mask over your bearings well. This was not a problem in my case as I was replacing my bearings anyway. I then used Lime green (OF COURSE)urethane paint purchased from my local dealer from color-rite. This comes in a small can that you add 1 1/2 parts of reducer to the paint. The paint cost 40 dollars, the reducer 10 dollars. I then used a air sprayer from Home Depot to spray the green on the bare aluminum, previously cleaned with acetone. The results were beautiful. Of course it helps to have a bead Breaker to remove the tire and a wheel balancer to rebalance the wheel since the weights have to come off, and the proper Kawasaki tools to remove and replace bearings. I spent two months getting all of this stuff ready and that 40 dollar can of color-rite was just enough to do both wheels with a little left over.
At the same time I had the tires off the rims, I also replaced my valve stems with METAL stems as I plan to got riding at the next Maxton N.C. LSR meet and they require metal stems.

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