Raising the Compression

Raising the Compression

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Let me see if I follow your logic, machining the edges of the piston to allow the piston crown to stick up higher in the dome of the combustion chamber?

I would NEVER EVEEEEEER, remove material from this area. There’s not much material between there and the top ring, can you say ring collapse?

The best way I’ve found to get the compression up is to replace the valves. The stock valves have a dimple in the face, where aftermarket flat faced valves do not. This will reduce combustion chamber volume by 1.5cc. Doesn’t sound like much but the stock Zx7 heads specs out at about 10cc. And these ZX7 valves 91-95 also fit the 94-97 9 motors.

No danger of nothing hitting either.

Kawasaki also makes thinner head gaskets to reduce your squish.

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