Rear Ride Height 2

Rear Ride Height 2

Q. I own a 1992 ZXR750J2. When braking into a bend, the bikes sits up quite badly. Has anyone else had a similar problem, if yes, I would like to hear from you.

A. A 92 J model ZX 7 is not a ZX7 “R” model K1,K2. And we have covered the numerous differences between 7s and 7Rs enough already, but there is one more difference I have not seen posted on this site.

On the 91-92 “R” model ZX7, Kawasaki placed a spacer underneath the rear ride height adjuster that they did not put on the 91-92 j1,j2 models. The part # to the spacer is 92143-1535. This raise the rear end to race specs, the spacer is 17.2x30x10.

I agree that most bikes try to do what your describing to a certain extent.

Try the spacer, it will help.

Kenneth H2Os

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