Rear Ride Height

Rear Ride Height

Q. On a 91 zx-7 do you twist the nut down towards the swing arm or up towards the frame for more ride height?

A. The “NUT” that adjusts the ride height, has no effect on preload. Ride height is adjusted at the top shock mount by the “NUT”. There are two nuts. One has a cotter key thru it at the top of the mount. Loosen this, lift up on the rear, I usually use a come along attached to a rafter in my shop, then turn the lower nut “UP”. This will increase ride height.
I run mine up as high as possible, for no other reason than it gives more clearance between the rear tire and my nitrous bottle mounted above.

Now of course turning the “COLLAR” on the shock clockwise will increase spring preload, and stiffen the ride, but doesn’t effect ride height.

Kenneth H2Os

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