Removing Front Wheel

Removing Front Wheel

Q. Ok this may sound stupid but how do you take the front axle out? I made a tool to fit the 22mm allen and one to fit the other side but I cant get either to brake loose. I loosened the four bolts in the front and the axle turns about 1/8 of a turn and back but it wont turn out. I don’t have a manual and all the bike shops are closed tonight but I would like to take both wheels in tomorrow to get them sand blasted and ready to powder coat. please any help would be great.

A. I gave in depth instructions on this site somewhere a few months back on how to build a tool to use for this. First of all, why not go to the local home depot and spend 40 dollars on a cheap 1/2 inch drive impact wrench, and 150 bucks on a cheap air compressor. Think of all the things you can do with it. Removing the counter shaft sprocket nut, the clutch hub basket nut, and being able to easily rotate the tires on your car or truck! I’m a addict for snap-on myself, but hey I’m an addict!

Looking at it from the front:
Leave the 2 bolts tightened on the left side, or the side that has the throttle on it. Loosen the other two pinch bolts, and using a 17mm allen loosen the axle nut, using a long breaker bar or impact wrench.

After removing the wheel, you must tightened like such, or you may get binding. This is where you need both the 22mm tool and the 17. You should hold one side while tightening down the other with all 4 pinch bolts loose. Also brake calipers should be off or loose. Once you have tightened the axle, bolt on the calipers and tighten them and push up and down on the front end while squeezing the brakes to align everything up. Then tighten all 4 pinch bolts.

Now do this…. Look at your brake calipers. They have a SPLIT LINE down the middle where they separate in two halves. This split line must line up perfectly with the exact center of the rotors.

If not you will have rolling binding resistance. I use very thin washers to correct any misalignment. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t follow the above sequence of tightening the axle, and tighten it by just using one wrench, and 2 pinch bolts tightened, you will have a misaligned front brake caliper to rotor. Very few people know this.

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