Throttle cables installation

Throttle cables installation

Here’s the deal, first remove the two screws on the throttle housing at the twistgrip, this makes it much more easier to unhook and hookup your throttle cables back at the carbs by giving you extra slack. You don’t have to remove the cables from the throttle twistgrip, just loosen the assembly. On the clean air system, Muzzy sells blank plates to seal off the two places on your valve covers were the two hoses connect. However you can get a piece of copper tubing and replace the big vacuum switch, by bridging the two rubber tubes attached to the valve cover together. A lot cheaper. On my motors, when I have the heads off, I tap threads and put allen plugs in the holes in the passageway in the heads, though I realize this is not the easy way.

Then, place a piece of duct tape over the big hole in your air box, the vacum line to the #2 cylinder can be plugged by running a sheet metal screw into a short piece of the rubber tube, or better yet purchase another of the correct screws from Kawasaki and thread into the hole like the adjacent cylinders.

Ill look at my fiche and see if I can find that part # for that screw. Those Muzzy blanking plates make for a nice way to disconnect that #@%!

Ken W.

The part # for the bolt is 92022-304, and the washer for the bolt is 132y0610.

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