Titanium Spring Retainers

Titanium Spring Retainers

I run the Titanium retainers made By APE, because……., I also run their single high RPM (14000)valve springs. Ti retainers are mainly for increasing rev limits. They are also far superior in my opinion to the “KIT” retainers that Kawasaki makes in ALUMINUM. I saw several motors drop valves in 93-94 race season as a result of very strong valve springs pulling thru the soft aluminium retainers. Dale Quarterly had that happen to him several times on his Ninja turtles bike one year. New England Performance used to or may still do make a excellent TI retainer.

I have some NASCAR connections and also work for a ARCA team and you had better believe that ever car on the ARCA, NASCAR, BUSCH series all use Ti Retainers.

They weigh almost half the weight of stock. I cant remember exactly what, but I will re-weigh a stock and Ti retainer tonight and post it on the site tomorrow.

Ive never had a single problem with TI retainers in any of my bikes or Stock car engines.

Last night, I weighed a Ti retainer for a ZX7 (OF COURSE), and it weighed 5.2 grams. The stock retainer weighed in at 9.1 grams. So as you can see the Ti retainer is almost half the weight. APE has these for ZX7s in stock. I recommend them if you are contemplating removing your cylinder head for any reason. About 199 dollars for a set. While you’re at it throw in a set of APEs single high RPM valve springs also.

Now you are ready to turn 14,000 RPMs,…… well almost!

Ken H2Os

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