Turbo kit

Turbo kit

In my absence the past few months I have my turbo 7 motor up an running. In the early stages, its making 217 HP without NITROUS. I will post details on it later.

I built the entire kit from scratch. My experience with turbos is little. I did own a 84 Kawasaki zx 750 turbo that I rode from Atlanta to Washington State and back 6 times. Never a problem.

I used to subscribe to a series of magazines called Turbo Bike. All back issues are still available. This was a great privateer effort magazine that went under after about 6 issues. The author eventually wrote a book, his name is Joe Haile. I will post later how to get the back issues, and the name of the book.

I used a stock exhaust system, cut up the head pipes, and used a AERODYNE turbo. Blow through the 39 mm kehin flatslides.

I have yet to ride it, maybe tomorrow Sunday.

I will post more details when my health improves.

Kenneth Waters

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IT BROKE!, but not the motor. I took it out for the first ride this past Saturday and it was running really good. I was heading down this long hill from my house and gave it a big handful of throttle and all hell broke loose. Actually, the chain sheared the teeth off the rear sprocket, and threw the chain. It broke a hole in the lower case. So I have had to rebuild the motor completely.

The motor is rebuilt, back in the frame, I hope to have it back out for trial runs again Saturday morning.

I had intended to replace my rear “VORTEX” aluminium sprocket but never did. I do believe that aluminium sprockets can handle this load, but I will use sprocket specialists in the future, or Protek. Actually I am going back to the stock OEM Kawasaki “Steel” sprocket for the moment!

Ken H2Os

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