Velocity Stacks on ’92 ZXR

Velocity Stacks on ’92 ZXR

Q. Mine -92J2 has longer air intake ducts for #3 and #4 cylinder, but I wonder if they are right that way. How they should be? What is their affection? I don’t mean the ducts themselves, but the different lenghts. Parts are #14073-1502 (long) and #14073-1503 (short).

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They use longer ducts for more midrange and shorter for more top end. On your bike they have a mix, long on cylinder 2 and 3 and short on 1 and 4.
Regards, John.

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A. I have found on the 91-92 ZX7s and on the R model that changing the velocity stacks inside the airbox is a BIGGGGG mistake. This airbox is the most confused ever. The two inner stacks are longer due to the design of the box. The way the sides are tapered will create flow problems on the two inner cylinders if they do not have longer stacks. DO NOT CHANGE these stacks so that they are all the same length, if you do you will loose a lot of power. I also read in another recent post to use a K&N filter. They are no longer available for the 91-92 and have not been for several years. WHY? Because they did not work or make more power. Racers and Dyno operators figured this out real quick.

Ken H2Os

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