Coil Relocation (91-95 models)

Coil Relocation (91-95 models)

On the K and J models the coils are located just above the valve cover and need to be removed whenever you want to work on the valves. On top of that, the air intake of a race airbox can make that area pretty cramped and although the coils could stay there I decided to move them to the subframe rails just under the rider seat. This area is normally occupied by the stock airbox, but race airboxes sit further forward.

To do this I bought a secondhand set of coils and HT leads for a ZX7R P model as the leads are much longer. The #4 Lead however was still not quite long enough, luckily my generous fried Jason Payne came to the rescue with a spare #2 lead from his own bike. I used this instead of the P model #4 lead and all was well. To reach the coils in their new location I then used some 8Amp wire to extend the leads that bring power to the coils.

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