Kens Tips

Kens Tips

This is a digest of Kenneth Waters’ excellent tips on ZXRs and ZX7Rs summarised from his posts to the ZX7 Owners Club.
I have tried to organise the information to make it easy to read. Most of it was part of conversation threads so, where I thought it applicable I retained the question/answer style. In some cases I also retained comments made by other people where I thought they applied to the subject and added to it. I have also marked when other posts separated two of Ken’s posts so as to try and explain some of the comments within them.
This cannot replace the wealth of knowledge that can be found in the threads of the ZX7 Owners Club, but it is meant as a tribute to Ken’s knowledge.

Tip No 1: Leak Down Testing
Tip No 2: Accelerator pump-flatslides
Tip No 3: Airfilter metal screen
Tip No 4: Airfilter for 92 ZXR
Tip No 5: Airfilter for 93 ZXR
Tip No 6: BigBore Kits
Tip No 7: Engine BlowUps
Tip No 8: Cam Installation on ’92 ZX7R
Tip No 9: Cam Pitting
Tip No 10: Cam Timing
Tip No 11: Cam Timing 2
Tip No 12: Cam Chain
Tip No 13: Carbon Buildup on intake valves
Tip No 14: Chain size conversion
Tip No 15: Clutch Problems
Tip No 16: Clutch Problems 2
Tip No 17: Clutch fluid leak
Tip No 18: Coil failure
Tip No 19: Crankcase Pressure
Tip No 20: Changing front sprocket
Tip No 21: Fork Spacers
Tip No 22: Front Brake Problems
Tip No 23: Front Brake Problems 2
Tip No 24: Removing Front Wheel
Tip No 25: Squeaky Generator belt on a ’90 ZXR
Tip No 26: Head Gasket Problems
Tip No 27: Head Gasket Problems 2
Tip No 28: Ignition Advance
Tip No 29: Nitrous
Tip No 30: Oil Filtration
Tip No 31: Oil Level
Tip No 32: Overheating
Tip No 33: Painting wheel rims
Tip No 34: Frame Polishing
Tip No 35: Raising the Compression
Tip No 36: Tuning carbs and Ram Air System
Tip No 37: Flatslide Carbs
Tip No 38: One or two Throttle Cables?
Tip No 39: Throttle cables installation
Tip No 40: Velocity Stacks on ’92 ZXR
Tip No 41: Bike not reaching the redline
Tip No 42: Reverse Shift pattern
Tip No 43: Rear Ride Height
Tip No 44: Rear Ride Height 2
Tip No 45: Rough Running
Tip No 46: Spark Plugs
Tip No 47: Titanium Spring Retainers
Tip No 48: Intermittent Starter problem
Tip No 49: Storage tip
Tip No 50: Thoughts on stroker kits
Tip No 51: Thermostat
Tip No 52: Titanium bolts
Tip No 53: Tuning 91-95 ZXRs
Tip No 55: Tuning the 91 ZXRR
Tip No 56: Turbo kit
Tip No 57: Clutchless Upshifting
Tip No 58: Valve Float
Tip No 59: Valve Seat Cutting
Tip No 60: Valve Springs
Tip No 61: Bike veering to one side
Tip No 62: 92 ZX7R Valve clearances
Tip No 63: 91 ZX7R Flatslides

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